Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Busy Weekend

We had a three day weekend this weekend for President's Day and to top it off we only have one test this week and it isn't until Wednesday.  That meant a weekend free from studying (mostly) and a lot of time to take Levi on a few adventures.

On Saturday it was supposed to rain most of the day but Alicia and I wanted to get the dogs out for a hike so we headed out to the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve near campus.  It was pretty muddy on the actual trails but there were levee roads that ran along it that were nice and dry.  It turned out to be a really nice hike and I can't wait to go back when it is dry out so we can actually walk on the trails bordering the creek.  I think it ended up being about 5 1/2 miles total.

The start of the trail
Ok, let's no-one look at the camera
Just walking through the ghetto

ChaCha's photo-shoot for an adoption photo
Alicia and ChaCha
Frolicking in the grass
A walk wouldn't be complete without a stick of some sort

Our initial plan for the weekend was to go snowshoeing and thankfully the rains stopped and it was sunny today so we were able to take the dogs up to Tahoe for a few hours of snowshoeing.  I knew that this past storm had brought a lot of snow to Tahoe but I didn't realize quite how much until we were driving up the mountain.  Our usual snowshoeing trail was so deep that the dogs (and humans) sunk in it.  Thankfully there was a trail that other people were taking across the road that was much nicer so we went on that instead.

Levi had a blast as usual, but the snow must have been more wet than in previous trips because it stuck to Levi's hair and got in-between his toes.  He didn't seem to mind until he got a big ice ball stuck to the hair on the bottom of one of his paws.  We'll have to get some snow booties before our next trip.

What nice icicles you have in your whiskers

ChaCha seemed a little unsure of the snow at first but by the end she seemed to be enjoying herself.  Alicia brought her a little jacket to keep her warm since she has such a short coat, but she still seemed a little cold when we had to stop to let people pass.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

3x the Toys = 3x the Fun

Have I mentioned how much I love Costco?  Well I do, so I was really excited in January when the Costco coupons came in the mail and they had a coupon for a package of three dog toys.  $5 for a pack of three dog toys - can't beat that.  I got a package for Levi and a package for ChaCha (my roommate's colony dog from school).  I've been giving Levi his one at a time so they last longer, and one of them has already undergone reconstructive surgery after the loss of an ear.

Imagine my surprise and laughter when Levi and I received a package from my parents this week and his present was another set of these Costco toys!  So now we have three sets of these toys in our house (9 toys in total!) 

I don't think the dogs are complaining!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today was the day Kobe died.  Totally unexpected and devastating to me.  This was a tough week for me.  It didn't make things any better when we had to learn about hemangiosarcoma in the right auricle of the heart in systemic pathology on wednesday.  Our professor means well, but I think in an effort to keep the class interested and engaged he is very insensitive and talks very jokingly about death and the diseases we talk about.  He used an example of a golden retriever out playing fetch that slows and doesn't make it all the way back to you, and it might make it into the clinic but dies before it even gets on the exam table.  That hit way too close to home for me.  Quite embarrassing to have to leave class from the second row in a class of 133 students, but that was better than the alternative emotional break down in the front of class.  Thanks to my supportive friends who stepped out with me to give me a hug, I really needed that.

I always told Kobe that he had to live until he was at least 15.  I knew the average for goldens was a lot closer to 10, but he wasn't just any golden, he was my best friend so he had to far surpass that average.  I couldn't live with only 10 great years, I would have wanted 20 years if I thought it was even remotely possible.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have less than 8 years with him.  The 8 best years of my life though.  So much change and growth and growing up occured in those 8 years and he was there with me for all of it. 

I got him when I was 16.  My first dog that was all mine.  My responsibilty to train, to feed, to walk, to groom, etc.  I fell in love with the breed because my uncle had a wonderful golden, but I never knew at the time I would end up this hooked on goldens.  It wasn't easy convincing my parents (my mom mostly) to let me get a golden retriever puppy.  I had to agree to living at home my first year of college (meaning going to a junior college or going to Cal Poly) because I couldn't take a puppy to the dorms, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.  After contacting several breeders we were put in touch with Kobe's breeder who had a litter of 2 puppies, one of which sounded like exactly what we were looking for.  My parents and I drove the 7 hours up to meet him when he was 6 weeks old, which also happened to be my sister's 18th birthday.  (Sorry Melissa!) 

I loved him the moment I met him and never looked back (well to be honest the first couple days he was home were very stressful and I might have mentioned wanting to send him back, but that was the lack of sleep talking ;-) . He was there with me through the rest of high school, starting college and then moving out on our own.  He was by my side through vet school applications, interviews, and the excitement of acceptances.  He was my home and my support when we moved away from my family up to Davis.  And through the stress of vet school he was my rock. 

He was the happiest dog.  I don't think I've ever met a dog that was as constantly happy as Kobe.  Nothing phased him...which sometimes frustrated me when I would try to scold him for doing something bad and he would just smile up at me like I was lavishing praises on him.  I wish I could have that same sunny disposition all the time. 

There will never be another dog like Kobe, and I don't think any dog could ever hold my heart the way that he did.  Missing you today and everyday Kobe.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perla Bed Finally Arrived!

Way back in September I ordered a Perla bed for Levi but it was on back-order unfortunately.  A month later it was still on back-order and they didn't know when it would be coming in.  Another month later they emailed me to say that the manufacturer had discontinued the item.  I searched everywhere online and no one had the large Perla bed available.  I finally found a Perla bed look alike called the Udesign Pet Pod by Midwest.
Perla bed on the left, Pet Pod on the right.
I originally ordered the medium thinking Levi would like it more cozy but it was way too small.

I then ordered the large one which got here Saturday.  It turned out to be a much better fit for him, and he already loves sleeping in it.  Sometimes I think it looks uncomfortable when he rests his head/neck on the lip of the bed but he doesn't really seem to mind.  Maybe I'll make him a little pillow to go over that part so it's more cushiony.