Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Frederick

Frederick is Levi's most recent souvenir that I got when I was in Kentucky this past weekend at a seminar for 3rd year equine vet students.  Here are a few of his adventures while in Kentucky...

At the Kentucky Horse Park Frederick enjoyed sitting and watching the horses wander by.

He also enjoyed spending some time riding.

He practiced his dressage in the dressage ring 

And of course he loved to graze on all of the lush green grass

He got new shoes in the farrier shop

And he had to make time for a little bit of shopping in the gift shop.

And before he left for his new home he had to say goodbye to his good friend, Cupcake.

Then it was on the road to his new home in California.  

At the airport he spent some time getting acquainted with security

 Then he sat down for some dinner at the airport restaurant

Lastly, it was time to board the plane and fly home to meet his new friend Levi

Levi took to him right away and they are already great friends.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that Frederick will soon look like many of Levi's other "friends"