Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happenings Lately

A few weeks ago Levi and I went for a walk along the Putah Creek trail in Davis with ChaCha and Alicia.  It was a nice day so Levi got to go for a little dip in the creek as well.  It was fun to get off of our usual walking paths and onto something more trail-like.  I love living in Davis but sometimes I miss the hills and hiking I had back home. 

Posing by the blackberry plants

Taking a rest break in the shade

Poor Levi had sore paws that evening, which were even more painful the next morning.  I got him a prescription of pain meds and iced and bandaged up his little feet which made him a lot more comfortable.
Levi icing his sore pads

I've realized that when he swims and then goes hiking right afterwards is when his paws seem to become raw and sore.  He's such a delicate little flower.  From now on he'll have to wear booties when we go hiking because I hate seeing him limp around the house :-(.

Now he's being babysat by my parents while I'm off on another externship at an equine clinic for a couple of weeks.  He loves visiting my parents house and getting to swim in the pool all the time.

His new favorite activity now that there's grass in the front yard is to swim and then take his toy onto the grass for a good roll. 

He makes me smile every day :-)