Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Levi!!!

Levi is 2 years old today!  Yay!  I remember when he was a puppy, thinking that he would be past his puppy antics by 2 years old which seemed like forever to wait.  Now looking back it feels like it's flown by!  He really has matured into a great dog, I couldn't be happier with him.  I've also come to expect some of his antics as just Levi-isms that aren't going anywhere no matter how old he gets, like bringing me shoes and socks when he wants attention.  Or maybe that's his way of telling me it's time to go for a walk and he's just trying to be helpful? 

We went for a birthday walk on the Bob Jones Trail in Avila Beach and it reminded me of the times I walked him on that trail when he was a puppy.  My he's grown up a lot since then!

11.5 weeks old compared with 2 years old

In the evening we had a little birthday celebration for him and he got to eat his homemade doggie cupcake and open all of his presents.  The cupcakes were Apple & Chedder Pupcakes from my baking heart adapted from The Dog Ate It.  Levi thought it was delicious and tried to eat it in one bite. I also made him some peanut butter dog cookies as well as some special tuna treats that were highly recommended by his doggie relatives.  He was quite a fan of all of the treats and attention (maybe not the hat though). ; )

Cute doggie cookie cutters that I found :)

Afterwards he got to open all of his presents.  I got him a little bit fancier of a bag than the paper bag he had last year (only $1 at the dollar tree!).  He was quite a fan of all of the toys and couldn't decide which to play with.  I made it easier on him by putting some of them away after he "opened" them to save for later.

Levi says thanks to all of those who wished him a happy birthday and he wishes a super duper birthday to his siblings Avalon, Chelsea, Jamie, Ronan, and Thistle!