Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Year+ in Review - Part 1 (2013)

The past couple years I have not been very good about blogging, so here's part 1 of a review of the last 2 years of Levi's and my life together.  I initially started this blog post close to a year ago, but I'm finally getting around to finishing it.

March 2013
The weekend before Levi's 3rd birthday I took him for a hike in the Bay Area with one of my close friends.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day, perfect for the start of Levi's birthday festivities.

Levi celebrated his 3rd Birthday on March 27, 2013, unfortunately for him though, I was busy on clinics at school so he had an abbreviated celebration on his actual birthday.

Levi's birthday fro-yo

We had a bigger celebration the following weekend when Mom and Dad came up to visit.  Levi got to open all of his presents out on the green belt.  We had an unfortunate attack by ants in the grass and had to quickly move to a different spot, but Levi wasn't phased by them at all.

May 2013
May of 2013 brought a group Tigana puppy party at a wonderful dog facility in Petaluma, CA.  The dogs had a huge grassy pasture to run around in, but more importantly, a big lake to swim and fetch bumpers in.  It was a blast, and Levi and I feel so lucky to be a part of the extended Tigana family.  Such a great group of people and goldens.

June 2013
The beginning of June I went on vacation with my family to Hawaii, which meant that poor Levi had to stay home.  On the up side, vacations always mean souvenirs!

After getting back from Hawaii it was time to pack up the whole house in preparation for graduation and moving to Colorado. 
A final walk on our Davis greenbelt.
Looking stunning in his graduation lei.

My Mom and Dad came and helped me caravan all of my belongings as well as Levi and my horse, Gypsy, to Colorado for my equine veterinary internship.

Levi asks if you can figure out which is our truck?

It was a quick trip and after moving all of my stuff in (while I was working), Mom and Dad had to fly back to California.  They said their goodbyes to their adorable grand-pooch. 

I didn't want Levi to get too lonely since I was working a lot of long hours, so I got him a friend.  They quickly became inseparable.

July 2013
We found a great dog park with a lake in it in Chatfield State Park, only about 15 minutes from where we were living in Colorado.  Needless to say, Levi loved when he got to go for outings there.

There were also great walking trails right out behind the vet clinic.

August 2013
We were definitely enjoying exploring some of the Colorado outdoors, but since I worked A LOT, Levi spent a lot of time like this...

He also tried to help me in the clinic and while I worked on records.

September 2013
In September, my Mom and sister came to visit and we spent the weekend up in Vail/Avon.  We stayed at The Westin Riverfront Resort in Avon which allows dogs so Levi was able to join us for the weekend.  We enjoyed hiking and exploring Vail Village.

October 2103
October brought the first snow!  Levi made sure he was ready with a new pair of snow boots, and a new argyle sweater.  Oh the torture I put him through ; ).

I went to Virginia to visit my best friend and returned with guess what...more souvenirs!

November 2013
In November, Levi and I went for a walk along the trail at Red Rocks Park.  It was beautiful, although not a very strenuous hike.

December 2013
December brought with it more snow so Levi and I spent my birthday afternoon frolicking in it.

Later in December we went up to Fort Collins to visit a couple friends and went for a hike up Horsetooth Rock. It was a little icy and slick but we made it to the top!

The end of December brought Christmas (one of Levi's favorite times of year!).  He unfortunately didn't get to come back to California with me since I flew home, but he was happy to get all of his Christmas presents when I got back.

Levi helping me in the barn at work.

I also got a very special present from my internmate and roommate at the time, Kristy, who is a fabulous artist.  She surprised me with this portrait of Levi!  If anyone wants to check out some of her work or wants to order a custom drawing here is a link to her website.  The proceeds from her sales also go to support a great cause so please check it out.

That's about it for our excitement in 2013.  Check back for Part 2 - A review of 2014.