Friday, June 18, 2010

First Trip to the Beach

This morning Levi and I headed to Avila for his first trip to the beach.  We went on the Bob Jones trail a few days ago, but we didn't make it all the way to the beach because it was too far for Levi.  Also, dogs are only allowed on the beach in Avila before 10am or after 5pm.  There are other beaches in the area that allow dogs all the time, and even an off-leash beach in Morro Bay, but since Levi isn't supposed to be around other dogs that aren't vaccinated yet I thought Avila was probably the safest.  He was a little bit hesitant when we first got to the sand, and then again when he first saw the waves coming at him, but he got over it really quickly.  I was actually really surprised how well he did with going in the water.  He would jump over the waves when they came toward him like Kobe used to do.  He got in the water pretty far, and he probably would have swam if I had gone in further.  After playing in the water we walked along the sidewalk (since it was now after 10am) and met a few nice people that stopped to pet Levi. After the beach we went to my old work so I could say hi to my old co-workers.  The trip tired him out for a few hours but then he was back to his usually energetic puppy self.

A little unsure of this whole beach-thing when we first got there.

Looking a little nervous as he follows me in the water.

Starting to get more comfortable in the water.

Posing at the end of our beach day.  (He wouldn't look at me for any of his pictures today, I think he is getting tired of all of the pictures I've been taking.)

And a little video just for fun.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I drove home last Friday with all my animals in tow.  Mom flew up to help me on the drive back since I had to take Levi and Gypsy, and Levi hadn't been on that long of a road trip before.  He did fantastic!  I couldn't ask for a better car puppy.  He slept in his crate the whole way!

He explored a lot when we first got home.  This house is so much bigger and more exciting than my house in Davis.  That night was Melissa's birthday celebration since I wasn't able to come home for her actual birthday.  Levi was very excited to see Melissa again, and to meet Ryan.  He loves playing with guys since they like to rough-house. 

On Sunday we all went swimming in the pool, and Levi was very curious about it but didn't want to get him by himself.  I helped him onto the first step which he didn't seem to mind, but then he went off the first step and realized that there wasn't anything to stand on.  I think that scared him a little bit but he was still very interested in the pool.  I went in the pool again yesterday and he did a lot better.  He still won't get in by himself, but if I sit on the first step he will climb onto my lap and then down onto the step.  I think it's too big of a step for him right now to go from outside the pool down to that first step by himself.  Maybe when he gets a little bit bigger he'll do it on his own.

Today I took him down to Avila and we went on the Bob Jones trail.  We didn't go the whole way because it is 1.5 miles each way and that is a little bit too far for him right now.  It is really pretty and shaded with lots of trees and plants around.  He is such a good leash walker, and he hardly pulls at all.  The only difficulty is that he likes to try to walk on my right side sometimes so he ends up cutting me off or tripping me.  He met lots of friendly people and got to see children, bikes, rollerbladers, joggers, and baby strollers.  Everyone thought he was so cute!

This was the start of the trail. (Practicing our Sit-Stay so I could take his picture) :-)

Wishing I would stop taking his picture so we could keep walking.

Trying to take our picture together.  He wouldn't look at the camera at the right time.  Oh well!

We took a few rest breaks on the benches along the path.  This made for good picture time.

What a cute puppy!  I might be a little biased though. 

...very tired on the way home!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finished My First Year of Vet School!

It seems like it has been so much longer than 9 months since I started vet school in September!  I can't believe the amazing friendships that I've made and the fun times that we have had together!  Even if it was just studying together (which is what most of our time was spent doing), I have loved every minute of this year.

So many memories, good and bad (mostly good though :-)).  Orientation, and our pre-orientation gatherings where we all met for the first time.  Grey's and fro-yo nights.  Late night and weekend studying in the anatomy lab.  Late night studying delirium in general.  Oh yeah, and some more studying.  Halloween party.  Disneyland.  Equine dental wet-lab.  Equine Medicine Club rounds (my favorite part of vet school!).  Kobe's death :( .  Getting Levi.  Thanks friends and family for helping me survive all of this.

And now...SUMMER-TIME!!!!!

I can't wait to relax in the pool, take Levi for adventures, and ride Cisco and Gypsy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our First Walk

Today Levi and I went for our first walk together.  We have to stick to sidewalks for now since he doesn't have all his vaccines, but in a couple months he will be able to run and play in the grass too.  He was so good, and trotted right next to me almost the whole time.  Occasionally he would get distracted and stop to smell a plant or try to pick up some foreign object on the sidewalk, but for the most part he did excellent.  To make things even better, he is now sleeping peacefully rather than bouncing off the walls.

He was so excited to venture somewhere other than the house or backyard. 

And afterwards... a happy puppy...

followed by a tired puppy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warm Weather

A hot puppy is a very cranky puppy.  : (

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 2

This weekend Levi got to meet a lot of new people and even a few dogs.  Some friends were having a bbq at a local park on Sunday so I took Levi so everyone could meet him.  He couldn't play in the grass since he doesn't have all of his vaccines yet but he got to be passed around between lots of people.  He was exhausted afterward and slept very peacefully. :-)

Life with Levi is getting much easier and more fun.  He is doing so much better with potty training, and even though he's had a couple accidents, he now at least understands that he is supposed to go to the bathroom when I take him outside to his potty spot.  That makes life so much less frustrating!  At the beginning he just wanted to eat everything that was outside - leaves, bark, twigs, etc.  He has quieted down a lot too thankfully.  That was one of the hardest things for me because Kobe was so quiet so I wasn't used to whining and barking.  Levi is starting to get more used to being left alone in the ex-pens either outside or in the house.  He still whines occasionally, but it is a major improvement on a few days ago when he would constantly whine and bark.  He is starting to get a little bit more mischievous though which I can tell is going to be really trying on my patience.  He is definitely going to be a handful of a puppy, but hopefully I can help him become a good dog.  It will be nice to have the summer off from school so I can get him out of the house and do more activities to wear him out.

I like him when he is like this!