Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Break in the Action at School

Things have finally quieted down at school so Levi and I were able to get out for a hike yesterday.  I had been planning on taking him to Tahoe to go hiking but when I was looking up the weather the night before there was a 70% chance of snow, not my ideal driving/hiking weather.  At least it means we are that much closer to snowboarding/snowshoeing season!  So we had a quick change of plans and decided to go to Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.  It had good reviews online and since there are so many places to hike between the Bay Area and Tahoe it's always hard to pick one.  We both really enjoyed it!

Ready to start our hiking adventure

Waiting for Mom to hurry-up and stop taking pictures.

I don't think you can see it in this picture but there was quite a bit of poison oak around.  I had a mild freak out when I realized that Levi had been running all around through it but I just tried to avoid touching him too much until I could get him home to bathe.  In the meantime I figured that if I was going to get it I would since I had already been touching him. No signs of it yet so hopefully that's promising.

Being a good boy posing for pictures : )

Always lots to smell!

Our group pictures were a little problematic this trip.  On try #1 I cut the top of my head off and it's kind of blurry.

On try #2 I got my head in the picture but Levi decided not to smile.  Oh well, better luck next time.

We stopped for a little breather and Levi decided it was time to play in the dirt.


What a handsome boy : )

Next weekend we are going home to my parent's house where I will be leaving him for a week and a half for baby-sitting while I go to a vet conference the following week.  I know he will be well loved and cared for but I'll miss him while he's gone.