Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Levi's Weave Pole Progress

Levi and I have been training agility weave poles using Susan Garrett's 2x2 method and I'm super proud of how he's doing so far.  We're kind of slow to progress since I'm so busy and have been gone quite a bit, but even after 2 weeks off while I was out of town Levi still remembers what to do.  Below is a little video I took on my phone of our weave pole practice the day we got back to Davis.

He is up to weaving 6 poles but I started them slightly opened to make it easier since we hadn't practiced in 2 weeks.  He did awesome so I closed them to 6-straight in a line and he only had a couple mistakes.  Yay Levi!

Levi's Colorado Souvenir

Levi spent the last 2 weeks at his grandparent's house getting spoiled with love and toys while I was in Colorado visiting an equine veterinary hospital.  I was so busy during my time at the clinic that I didn't have time to venture out to find him a souvenir, but lucky for me there was a pet store in the Denver airport!

I bought him a ball/rope toy and some frosted treats (his favorite!).

He somehow managed to pull the rope off the ball in about 10 minutes but I think he loves it even more now.