Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Levi!


I'm amazed at how quickly the past year has flown by!  I can't really call Levi my puppy anymore, he's now grown up into a wonderful, intelligent, enthusiastic dog.  So for his 1 year birthday I can't narrow it down to 1 thing I love most about Levi so I'm going to give you 12 (for 12 months).

1.  He loves his human family (and everyone else for that matter)
2.  He is such a cuddle-bug
3.  He is so smart and tries so hard to please
4.  He's so enthusiastic about life
5.  He's the best partner for snow adventures
6.  He forces me to exercise more
7.  He makes me laugh and brightens my day everyday
8.  He loves other dogs
9.  He'll do anything for a game of tug or fetch (which has made obedience training so much more fun!)
10.  He gets so excited for new toys
11.  He's teaching me everyday how to be a better dog trainer
12.  He and I are a family now, and though he could never replace Kobe he has become my new best friend.

Today we had a little birthday party for him at my parent's house.  I made him a yummy dog cake cut in the shape of a bone.

You can find the recipe here from  He devoured his piece in one bite and seemed to think it was pretty tasty.
One second it was there...
The next second it was gone!

Next it was time to open presents.  No fancy wrapping for Levi though...just a poorly decorated brown paper bag : (

Checking out all his new toys and trying to decide which to play with.

Happy Birthday Levi!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Back from the Blogging Hiatus

Sorry that I've been MIA has been crazy!  This past quarter is known as the hardest quarter in vet school and it definitely lived up to that claim.  Normally spring break is a nice time to catch up on things (like blogging) but this spring break was just about as stressful/busy as the end of the quarter.  I drove home to my parents house after my last final to drop off Levi to be puppy-sat while I went on a 5-day vet trip in northern California.  After the vet trip I had a day to recoup before our big symposium for all of the vet schools started in Davis.  I feel like I've been going nonstop for the last month.  It will definitely be nice to get away back to the snow next weekend where some friends and I have rented a cabin for the weekend.  I know Levi will be happy to frolic in the snow again.  It's been really lonely at home the past couple days without my little munchkin running around.  I can't wait to pick him up on Sunday (also his 1 year birthday!).

I don't have any good recent pictures, but here are a few from his 11 month birthday with one of his presents.

I think I've spoiled him too much by buying him presents for his "monthly" birthdays.  How do I top that for his actual birthday now?!