Saturday, June 9, 2012

Levi's Yosemite Souvenir

I went on a backpacking trip to Yosemite with 7 friends during the memorial day weekend. Unfortunately dogs aren't allowed on the hiking trails so Levi had to stay home. In keeping with tradition I picked him up a souvenir stuffed bear right before we headed home.

Levi also wanted to let any concerned blog readers know that Frederick is still alive and doing well (after some minor repairs) ;-)

Friday, June 8, 2012

San Francisco Beach

A couple of weeks ago my roommate and I had a short day at school and we had a few errands to run in the bay area so we decided to take the dogs along so they could go to the beach. It was a sunny day but very windy! The dogs didn't mind but I sure wouldn't have wanted to go in the ocean! Levi had tons of fun frolicking in the sand, playing chase, and retrieving his bumper from the water. Alicia kindly took all the photos since my hands were covered in doggie slobber and sand. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Agility Training

Levi and I have been taking agility lessons for a little while now and as we slowly progress I get more excited about the day that we'll finally be ready to start trialing. I've gotten to go watch 2 agility trials in the past month or so, one of them even featuring Levi's superstar mom, Sport, as well as half-brother, Jackson, and litter-mate, Thistle. I didn't get to stay to see his Thistle's runs but it was still a lot of fun and I can't wait till we're there trialing too! Here's a little video of some of our agility practice from a month ago.

We've now started weave pole training and we just started contact training in class on Monday. I started Levi on the 2x2 weave training method which I'm excited about and I'll try to post some videos of our progress.

Just wanted to say thanks to my awesome Dad for building me my agility jumps and weave poles!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Folsom Lake Walk

Levi and I apologize for neglecting the blog so much the past few months.  Don't worry, we have still been up to lots of fun stuff we just haven't had time to blog about it.  So look for a few blog posts in the upcoming weeks.

Way back at the end of April I took Levi for a walk on the American River Parkway to where it ends at Folsom Lake.  It was about 4 miles each way with some swimming time at the lake in-between.  I've walked other portions of the Parkway in Sacramento and they were more secluded and trail-like.  This section was not as pretty and was a super popular path for cyclists since it's paved.  Unfortunately I had to keep Levi on a short leash since we had cyclists zooming past us every few minutes.  It wasn't quite the tranquil walk I had in mind.  Oh well, it was good exercise for Levi and me and it led to the lake at the end which was the ultimate goal anyways.